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Scarab 3D Printable Pendant

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Scarab 3D Printable Pendant

M.O.Z.G Studio
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Size: 33.5x28.35x3.8mm

Approximate weight: 6.8-12.8 g. (depending on chosen material).

File Formats:

  • BLEND (Full Version ONLY)
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • STL
  • WRL

Supposed inlay:

1x Citrine 5 mm with round cut ~0.342 carats or 1x Ruby ~0.529 carats.


The Full Version has three options:

  • With cast for Gem Stone.
  • With dummy ball instead (for production w/o inlay)
  • Without any casts for any purposes. For example, you could solder there your own size cast or something else.

All models with good topology, original Blender file allows you to disable some features such smoothing on hard edges.

Lite version contains:

  • Triangulated version of the pendant with the cut cast.

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